June 2018 ” Chemical and Biological hazards in the laboratoary”, APHM, Marseille, France

Duration : 2 days, Theoretical training concerning the hazards prevention in the laboratory.  Applicable regulations and tools to promote awareness.

December 2016 “Métabolomics working group”, NORT, Marseille, France

Duration : 2 days, Theoretical and practical training for beginners with Metabolomics. Working groups around LC/MS data post-processing (peak picking, alignement, normalisation) with XCMS et R. Statistics with SIMCA (PCA, PLS-DA).

May 2017 “Metabolomics practical training”, Marseille, France

Duration: 3 days, metabolomics practical training using the iClass-Vion system. Organisation of analyse and data treatment using the UNIFI software. Data handling and marker selection with multivariate statistics (SIMCA, Umetrics). Certificate

October 2016 “BiopharmaLynx training – Pure protein quality contrôl“, Marseille, France

Duration: 2 days, Practical BiopharmaLynx training for the quality control of pure proteins : LC/MS peptide mapping after enzyme digestion (sequence coverage and modifications) + LC/MS analysis of intact proteins (charge states deconvolution). Certificate

June 2015 “Organic contaminants screening workshop”, Plateform ERINI, Grasse, France

Duration: 2 days, workshops and conferences around the screening techniques using mass spectrometry. Programme

November 2014 “Waters Clinical Diagnostic and Clinical Research Symposia”, Waters, Wilmslow, UK

Duration : 2 days, conference held in Waters’ headquarters, certificate

Jannuary 2014 “nanoAcquity Synapt G2Si training”, Marseille, France

Duration : 6 days. Practical training concerning the nanoAcquity (nano2D-UPLC chromatography) and Synapt G2Si (MALDI/ESI-Q-TOF-MS spectrometer) instruments applied to the field of proteomics (HD-DDA and HDMSe acquisition modes) and the analysis of small organic chemicals (HD-MRM acquisition mode). Certificate


2013 “GC-MS improvement course”, Perkin Elmer, Paris

Duration : 4 days, program


2012 “Introduction to Proteomics tools”, INSERM, Paris

Duration : 5 days, program


2006-2008 National Polytechnic Institute of Chemistry ENSIACET, Toulouse, France

  • Chemistry courses specialised in Analytical Chemistry Techniques

2003-2006 University Paul Cézanne, Marseille, France

  • 2005-2006 : Master’s degree in Analytical Chemistry Techniques
  • 2004-2005 : Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry
  • 2003-2004 : Three-year degree in Molecular Chemistry

2001-2003 IUT Chemistry Institute, Marseille, France

  • Chemistry degree equivalent of HND