Mass spectrometry

Skilled in the following Mass Spectrometry techniques:

  • Electronic Impact (EI), Electrospray (ESI and nanoESI) and MALDI ionisation technologies;
  • Quadrupole (Q), Triple Quadrupole (TQ), linear ion trap (TRAP), Time of Flight (TOF) and ion mobility (IMS) analysers (Synapt and Vion, Waters).

Configurations used:

  • GC-EI-MS (Agilent, Perkin Elmer), GC-EI-TQ-MS (Waters), GC-IE-TOF (Waters),
  • LC-ESI-TQ-MS (Agilent), ESI-Q-TRAP-MS (AB Sciex), nanoLC-TRAP-MS (Thermo LTQ XL), nanoLC-Q-IMS-TOF-MS (Waters Synapt G2Si), UPLC-IMS-QTOF (Waters iClass and Vion).
  • MALDI-TOF-MS (Bruker Autoflex/Ultraflex),

Samples studied:

Métabolites (screening and relative comparison), lipids and polar hydrophilic chemicals, Pesticides (quantifications with SIM and MRM modes), small organic chemicals (identification using direct sample injection), polymers et dendrimers (characterisation using MALDI TOF), intact proteins and complex protein mixtures (characterisation/identification using MALDI-TOF-MS and nanoLC-MS/MS), antibiotics and bacteria (identification using MALDI TOF). Environnement and biological matrices.

Softwares used :

UNIFI (Waters), MassLynx (Waters), Mass Hunter (Agilent), FlexControl/Analysis (Bruker), Biotyper (Bruker), Biotools (Bruker), Xcalibur (Thermo), Proteome Discoverer (Thermo), Peaks Studio (BSI), ProteinLynx Global Server (Waters), Turbomass (Perkin Elmer)