Laboratoire de Physico et Toxico Chimie de l’environnement (LPTC), Institut des Sciences Moléculaires (UMR CNRS 5255), Bordeaux, FRANCE
March to August 2008 (6 months)

Subject: Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of pesticides by GC/MS-MS triple quadrupole, GC-TOF and LC/MS-MS triple quadrupole

Experiments on different systems:  Waters GC-MS/MS “Quattro micro GC”, GC-TOF “GCT Premier” and LC-MS/MS Agilent “1200 Series Rapid Resolution LC System” coupled to “6410 Triple Quadrupole LC/MS”. Optimisation of MS parameters using Selected Ion Monitoring/Reaction (SIR/SIM) and Multiple Reaction Monitoring (MRM). Method development for the analysis (identification and quantitation) of 60 pesticides (Triazins, Pyrethroïds, Organophosphorus, Chloroacetanilids, Phenylureas et Fipronile, Trifluraline, Endosulfan, …).

Internship comment (french) from Dr Hélène Budzinski

July to September 2007 (3 months)

Subject: Study of the purification of nuclear plant dismantling water with ion exchange resins

The goal of this internship was to study the purification of a synthetic water solution contaning cations Ca2+, Co2+, Cs+ and anions Cl-. The purification was held through anions and cations macro-porous exchange resins. This work helped us to explain the ions exchanges and the kinetics of th ion exchange resin columns. The column frontal monitoring is done by measuring the pH, conductivity and the quantities of the different elements (ion chromatography and ICP-MS). This study permitted to understand this type of purification and to evaluate the feasibility of a large scale process.

Reference Letter from Dr DODI Alain and Michèle DOURY-BERTHOD

March to August 2006 (6 months)

Subject: Installation of an Ion Chromatography system (DIONEX ICS-2000 RFIC).

Develpment and validation of anions analysis methods:

  • Analysis of drinking water anions (F-, Cl-, Br-, I-, ClO4-, …)
  • Caracterisation of solubles anions in water from Biomass (wheat, spruce, lavender)
  • Chloride in graphite (Cl-)
  • Molybdenum in stainless steel (molybdate MoO4-)

Discovery of various sample preparation methods: extraction by heating and sonication (biomass), acid dissolutions (stainless steel) and mineralisation (graphite). Training of students and laboratory staff.

Reference Letter from Christian POLETIKO

ERASMUS Internship
University of Glasgow, SCOTLAND
April to June 2005 (3 months)

Subject: Development of a method for the quantitation of pesticide Chlorpropham (CIPC) in potato peel by Liquid Chromatography.

Practice of my English and my technical skills in Chromatography. Comparison of CIPC extraction from potato peel by sonication and simple heating or Soxhlet. Optimisation of the separation of extracted compounds by Liquid Chromatography (solvent flow, isocratic separation, UV-Visible wavelength, internal standard).

Reference Letter from Dr Harry DUNCAN

Shell Petrochemicals Mediterranean
April to June 2003 (3 months)

Subject : Analysis of the plant’s effluents by Spectrophotometry and comparison with other analysis techniques

Installation of a bench-top spectrophotometer (HACH) for the quantitation of various pollutants (orthophosphates PO43-, phenol, tolyltriazole, benzotriazole, sulfurous S2-). Comparison of the results with other techniques (GC, HPLC, Potentiometry).

Reference Letter from Pierre LIEUTAUD